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Grav8 is a community website developed by Crayz. Grav8 intends to provide a quality user experience for people looking to mod or discuss S&box, a game in development by Facepunch Studios.
  • Modding support + downloads.
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  • Social features (followers, timeline, messaging).
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Dashboard, Timeline, Follows

Posted by 8 months ago
Content discovery is super important to enhance the user experience, so I've been working on features to make finding relevant content easy.  You can now follow other users, when they make new posts it shows in your timeline.  This feature works similar to twitter, except there's no complex algorithms deciding the best way to arrange timeline content, you just simply see News threads (like this one) and posts made by people you follow, ordered by most recent.

I'll refine this system over time to make sure we're always seeing the best and most relevant content.  Besides that, I've been doing a lot of incremental improvements to the theme and user experience.

Thanks to everybody who has signed up, participated, and keeps checking back in!  Everybody is anxious for S&box, and I can't wait to see this community grow!

Language filter

Posted by 9 months ago

I have implemented a language filter feature which defaults to English, and settings options to set your primary language or disable the language filter.  Because Grav8 is primarily English, it's important for English speaking users to not be overwhelmed with languages they don't understand, so the language filter is enabled by default for all users and guests.  For those who speak multiple languages, you can disable the language filter.

The language filter will only affects certain parts of the website, currently only the Latest Posts widget on the homepage.  This will be expanded on in the future to cleanly separate languages and improve the reading experience.  Setting a primary language will eventually enable site-wide translations.


Grav8 feature update 10-27-19

Posted by 9 months ago

In the past few days I implemented the following features:

  • Easy profile picture upload (suggested by /u/gbeorg23)
  • Flood control
  • Post count
  • Bits
  • Advertisements
  • Reaction notifications

You can upload a profile picture on your profile page. 

Flood control limits how many posts a user can make to prevent spamming.  Currently the limit is once every 30 seconds.

Post count now displays the proper count in your profile, and bits are a forum currency which increment by making posts.

I am putting advertisements on the website as well.  I'm going to integrate them nicely so they aren't annoying or intrusive, but logged in users can still disable them under Settings.  In a perfect world I can develop Grav8 and pay for its hosting without worrying about bills or going hungry, but unfortunately that's not the case :(


Grav8 has a new look!

Posted by 9 months ago

Grav8 has a brand new theme!  (obviously)

There's new features to improve the user experience, including ajax posting, modal for posting threads, a personal file manager to upload content, a dark theme (under Settings) with a few other theme options, and a bunch of other stuff you'll have to browse around to see.

Some features not yet implemented into the new theme include: sorting, previewing, and a few pages in the sidebar leading to a 404.

My hope is that Grav8 becomes a very easy to use platform for discussing S&box and sharing resources.  This new theme is a big step towards that goal.  It may not be perfect, and there's a lot of work to be done yet, but as with any software, iterate, improve, iterate, improve, etc.  These things take time :)

Oh, markdown just wasn't cuttin' it so posts now support html with a WYSIWYG editor.  If you find any bugs or have suggestions/feedback please share!



Posted by 9 months ago
The badge system is in place and can be seen in the Profile page. At the moment there's 1 badge which was awarded to the first 100 people who registered at Grav8. There will be more badges given as a token of appreciation for anybody who's supported with bug reports, translations, feedback, some for reaching certain post counts, and who knows for what else. There will be many badges to earn :)
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