Grav8 feature update 10-27-19

Posted by Crayz 9 months ago, 3 replies

In the past few days I implemented the following features:

  • Easy profile picture upload (suggested by /u/gbeorg23)
  • Flood control
  • Post count
  • Bits
  • Advertisements
  • Reaction notifications

You can upload a profile picture on your profile page. 

Flood control limits how many posts a user can make to prevent spamming.  Currently the limit is once every 30 seconds.

Post count now displays the proper count in your profile, and bits are a forum currency which increment by making posts.

I am putting advertisements on the website as well.  I'm going to integrate them nicely so they aren't annoying or intrusive, but logged in users can still disable them under Settings.  In a perfect world I can develop Grav8 and pay for its hosting without worrying about bills or going hungry, but unfortunately that's not the case :(

9 months ago, 1 replies

Would be cool if we could spend the currency on all sorts of weird visual tweaks like a color cycling username with a glow effect, preset backgrounds for our own posts, profile picture borders, 10x multiplier on our own ratings and all sorts of other disgusting "upgrades" that will make our site look like a 2004 dating site with microtransactions.

I'm kidding about most of those, but nice job with what we currently have.

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