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Posted by Crayz 8 months ago, 1 replies
Content discovery is super important to enhance the user experience, so I've been working on features to make finding relevant content easy.  You can now follow other users, when they make new posts it shows in your timeline.  This feature works similar to twitter, except there's no complex algorithms deciding the best way to arrange timeline content, you just simply see News threads (like this one) and posts made by people you follow, ordered by most recent.

I'll refine this system over time to make sure we're always seeing the best and most relevant content.  Besides that, I've been doing a lot of incremental improvements to the theme and user experience.

Thanks to everybody who has signed up, participated, and keeps checking back in!  Everybody is anxious for S&box, and I can't wait to see this community grow!
8 months ago, 0 replies

Looks nice, thank you. <3

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