Grav8 has a new look!

Posted by Crayz 9 months ago, 5 replies

Grav8 has a brand new theme!  (obviously)

There's new features to improve the user experience, including ajax posting, modal for posting threads, a personal file manager to upload content, a dark theme (under Settings) with a few other theme options, and a bunch of other stuff you'll have to browse around to see.

Some features not yet implemented into the new theme include: sorting, previewing, and a few pages in the sidebar leading to a 404.

My hope is that Grav8 becomes a very easy to use platform for discussing S&box and sharing resources.  This new theme is a big step towards that goal.  It may not be perfect, and there's a lot of work to be done yet, but as with any software, iterate, improve, iterate, improve, etc.  These things take time :)

Oh, markdown just wasn't cuttin' it so posts now support html with a WYSIWYG editor.  If you find any bugs or have suggestions/feedback please share!

9 months ago, 1 replies

Looking at the pace and direction the development of this site is going, I am very optimistic about its future. Great job so far!

9 months ago, 0 replies

Looking awesome, stylish and of course, what i mostly like - minimalistic. Aesthetic pleasure.

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