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6 days ago, 0 replies

I'd say end of 2021/mid 2022 if they will get the engine at all

4 months ago, 0 replies

All these messages from GMod's discord.

So yes, Sandbox probably will be using Source 2. OR it'll be ported back to UE4 after some time, if Source 2 won't meet their expectations.

7 months ago, 0 replies

With UE4.. more like sb_ginormouscity :D

7 months ago, 0 replies

Most likely no. They already put Steamworks into the game. 

Also, they will get bigger player base and, probably, more money in steam even with the "30%" bs and won't get hit by the "EGS exclusive hate train"..

So, if the only deal-breaker here is money, I'm pretty sure that they will choose Steam, since it doesn't seem like Facepunch has money problems and Steam will be easier choice for everyone.