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4 months ago, 1 replies

Hello, it's been a while.  From a small resurgence of S&box hype caused by a tweet by Garry it might be time to pick up development again on Grav8 with the goal of making this a proper website for community modding and resources.

There are some design flaws, bugs, and missing features really holding it back.

 - The wysiwyg editor is complete shit.  I just pressed ctrl + z and it deleted 5 minutes of writing, so I'm writing this again.

- The social feed on the dashboard is dumb.  This isn't a social network.  I like the feature, but it should be in less focus, maybe as a sidebar widget.

- The posting and UX is okay, but could do for many improvements across the board.

- Content discovery needs work, it's important to be able to find great content quickly and easily.

- Downloading large files is busted due to a limited php script execution time, to address this I need to move to a new host or use an external file service

- The UI isn't standing the test of time.  I hate it now, and it could do for a complete overhaul.

I don't regret writing this software from scratch.  When it comes to programming features it's easier to have your own system with a thorough understanding of how it works rather than an existing software like wordpress or phpbb and installing a bunch of plugins that mostly do what you need them to do, but there's also the downside of not having all the neat stuff offered by those softwares out of the box.

Anyways, I'll be thinking about how to take care of Grav8 over the next couple of days.  I'm pretty busy developing Fragsurf (which is almost earning enough for me to finally be full-time self employed, so it's a priority), but hopefully I can figure something out here.  Open sourcing and letting the community contribute is something I am really considering.  If you're a php/html/js dev and might be interested in contributing via open source or something leave a reply and let me know if I should do that.

4 months ago, 2 replies
What happened to Unreal Sandbox, thought it was suppose to release this month now I don't see it on Steam?
7 months ago, 0 replies

Never played but tbh I wanna give it a shot, looks relaxing

7 months ago, 0 replies
I'll check if something is up with large downloads.  Galaxy provided a download link in the file description for the same archive, give that one a shot.
7 months ago, 1 replies
I miss betting on csgo matches
7 months ago, 0 replies
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7 months ago, 0 replies
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7 months ago, 1 replies
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7 months ago, 0 replies
Not sure on this yet, a service like mailchimp will probably be easier.