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4 months ago, 1 replies

I know they went dark, but has there been any sign of communication from the devs to the community the last 2 / 3 months?

There is speculation about the game being ported to Source 2, which i understand. Maybe it's because Half Life Alyx is on VR, so Facepunch can make a small built-in VR Mode?

EDIT: Just found this
Looks like it actually could be being ported to Source 2?

9 months ago, 1 replies
If you have some spare time.. Look into it, it is really nice for mobile. You can replace the current navigation with a hamburger menu when window size gets below a certain px with media queries. Apple's site uses a burger menu as well, but I think it's more advanced then needed.
10 months ago, 1 replies
Also an edit button on your own posts could be handy. Saw this when I wanted to edit my post. Noticed I couldn't. Upvotes/downvotes on posts could be handy as well.
10 months ago, 1 replies
Site looks great, but more responsive web design would be better in my opinion. For example, media query's and percentages instead of px for divs could be used. A good example of a responsive site is . What I mean is, when you change the window size and you make it smaller in width, currently some features of this site will fall off your screen and you'd have to use the bottom scrollbar. If you do this on for example, the navigation bar changes to a smaller-screen friendly version. With this, problems with mobile screens should be dealt with as well.